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Are you planning to maximize space in your home as well as make beautiful improvements? Then a deck may be a perfect solution to make your outdoor living extraordinary. We understand how daunting it can be to find a deck builder who you trust with your entire deck project from start to finish. 

That’s why Lee’s Summit Deck is here to help, we have mastered our craft in designing and building a deck that exceeds your unique needs. We pride ourselves on serving properties throughout Belton Deck, Missouri, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Lake Lotawana, Missouri, Raymore, Missouri, and Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Let our team take your enjoyment in making the most of your outdoor spaces to a whole new level of fun and sophistication.

Our finished decks never fail to amaze to leave a remarkable impression on every visitor or guest entering your home. Regardless of how complex the design and the size of your deck project, hiring us means choosing extensive years of professionalism backed with a good reputation in the industry. Our composite deck builder experts make it easy to extend the living space in the exterior of your home easily. 

Lee’s Summit Deck is a locally owned and operated deck company known for quality workmanship, reasonable and honest pricing. Our ability to deliver the job done professionally made us the top choice of our clients for many years!

About Composite Decking

Aside from wood and vinyl decking, our team also provides composite decking. Composite decking is a man-made constructing product. It is a combination of a mixture of a small number of bonding agents, wood fibers, and plastics. The mixture is heated, to form board-shaped lengths, and then cooled. 

The boards require less maintenance compared to traditional wood decking while giving a wood aesthetic look than to other plastic alternatives.

Different Kinds of Composite Decking

Capped vs. Uncapped

Composite decking comes with two known types of composite decking available on the market: uncapped and capped.

Capped composite boards include an exterior plastic coating making the boards highly resistant against staining or wear and tear. The boards require little maintenance as you will only need to simply clean or wipe off their color once exposed to the environment.

Meanwhile, uncapped boards tend to be less expensive and more affordable alternatives. While the material is hard-wearing and highly resistant too, the only difference with capped composite is they do not have the same protection against color fading or staining. Meaning, the boards may tend to fade during the first couple of months of installation.

Additionally, a small number of residual wood oils may drain from the board panels after being exposed to outside elements like weather, moisture, and more.

Solid vs. Hollow

Composite boards are categorized into solid and hollow variations. Hollow boards tend to come with hollow chambers running all through the length of the plank. Meanwhile, as the name suggests the solid boards are way heavier and stronger than hollow.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Still not convinced about building composite decking? 

Here are some of the valuable benefits that might help you change your mind.

Supreme Durability

A sturdy deck is worth the cost, well it should be. It’s going to be one of the favorite spots of many family events, that is why it should be durable enough to stand the weight of people, heavy furniture, and family pets. Well, with a composite deck, all of these are possible since the materials to construct the composite deck are known for superior strength and are highly resistant to wear and tear.

Minimal Maintenance

Another characteristic of composite decks is they only require little maintenance because they don’t rot easily over time like wood. They don’t need to be repainted or be re-stained regularly. A power wash occasionally is enough to make it look impeccable at all times.


Another factor that makes composite decking a favorite decking material is that it is 100% environmentally friendly. This means that no trees are cut or harmed in the course of the production. Since the majority of the products are produced using scrap materials, there are almost little to 0 environmental impacts. 

In contrast, an entire wood deck requires a good amount of wood.

More Color Choices

While you can stain wood decks until you get the desired finishes, it will require some fresh coats as you use them periodically. Meanwhile, you can craft composite decking using a vast selection of finishes and colors.

No Splinters

Composite decks will allow you to walk confidently while even you’re barefoot. You can rest your worry knowing that there are no splinters on your deck surface. This is the best choice most especially if you have kids or pets living with you at home.

Proper Cleaning Your Composite Decking Matters

At Lee’s Summit Deck, we do not only whimsically turn your exterior space into an outdoor paradise; we also share our knowledge with our customers on how to properly maintain their decks stunning for a longer period. Similar to any other exteior home feature, regularly cleaning your composite deck will help keep it looking new for years to come.

Removing Debris

Make it a habit to make your composite deck clean at all times by cleaning off any sort of dirt and debris weekly by using a leaf blower or broom. Another alternative is using warm water, mild soap, and a nylon brush to gently wash off any nasty grime.

Removing Water Spots, Rust Stains, Tannin Stains

Like any product that is made from wood, a temporary bluish-black thing called “tannin” stains may develop over time on composite decking if left untreated. But don’t worry, as they can be removed quickly through a composite deck cleaner that has oxalic acid. Moreover, you can also use this deck cleaner to effectively eliminate rust stains or water spots.

When using the composite deck cleaner that has oxalic acid content, ensure to carefully follow the instructions of the manufacturer. For best results, apply it all over the entire deck surface to achieve even surface finishes.

Wash Grease Stains and Food Oils

For these kinds of kitchen oil or grease spills, you can use a household degreasing solution like a dishwashing liquid to effectively eliminate any food-grade oil and grease stains. You may wash them right away as soon as you notice the stain in your deck. You may also use a nylon brush to scrub the area along with warm water then rinse the detergent off thoroughly using warm water.

Lee’s Summit, Missouri’s: A Must-See Travel Destination

Planning to visit Lee’s Summit, Missouri soon? Here’s something you should not miss out on breathtaking nature views, museums, parks, and more. 

Lee’s Summit, Missouri is surely has something in store for you to keep you and your family engaged in your stay:

Have a Splash at the Cool Summit Waves

From kids to young at heart, every member of your family will surely have fun and will have an unforgettable time at this wonderful water park and recreation center. Cool Summit Waves boast its major attraction the 904-feet (276-meter) Action River. You will never run out of wonderful things to do, you can choose to relax and spend quality time at the six-lane lap pool or the lazy rivers.

Allow your kids to enjoy, and soak, swim, and slide on the cool water. They may also play on the water playground; for your toddler, there is a zero-depth pool which is ideal for them. The water park is well-maintained and supervised by the many friendly lifeguards roaming around to ensure that everyone is safe while having fun.

You may also enjoy tasty snacks and refreshing drinks in between. Cool Summit Waves also host occasional events such as family events and teen nights. In general, the water park is a one-stop-shop for everyone who’s looking for a new adventure and fun.

It provides all the elements that make it worth the money and quality time well-spent!

Summit Waves Address: Located at 120 SW Blue Pkwy, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063, United States

Discover and Learn New Things at Lee’s Summit History Museum

Preserving the rich cultural history and heritage of Lee’s Summit, Missouri is what Lee’s Summit History Museum is very known for. It has been meticulously designed to provide a very welcoming vibe while it houses a wide collection of artifacts that represent the golden days of the stunning Lee’s Summit. You will discover maps, images, exhibits related to the Border War, a reconstructed model of Vogue Theater, relevant information about the Browning’s and Metheny’s, the famous musical families belonging to this place.

Lee’s Summit History Museum Address: Located at 220 SW Main St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063, United States

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