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Installing a deck into your outdoor space is a great investment. It increases the beauty of your exterior, maximizes the space in your property, and boosts its sales value in the long run. That’s why it is imperative to hire the right deck builder that has solid experience in the business, has honest and competitive pricing, and has a professional team.

Lee’s Summit Deck has been in the business for many years whose portfolio includes both traditional and contemporary deck options. We take pride in having a solid reputation as an industry leader and installed thousands of deck projects under our belts. Our deck builder professional serves all properties throughout Belton Deck, Missouri throughout Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Raymore, Missouri, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Lake Lotawana, and Missouri.

Highly-Customized Decks Built For Your Home

Our quality deck services made us the highly recommended deck builder in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We specialize in providing custom deck works, so you can achieve an exterior home improvement that complements the architectural design of your home. Our deck builder pros closely work with every homeowner to help them exactly achieve the outdoor oasis they’ve envisioned. 

We strive to exceed your expectations backed by our experience, attention to detail, integrity, and professionalism. This is the main reason why we are the highly recommended deck company for their deck projects. We credit our solid record of success to our state-of-the-art decking services and our deep knowledge of the industry.

At Lee’s Summit Deck, our main focus is on building decks whether it be new builds or renovation. Other deck companies in Missouri may have different specialties, like construction or landscaping, making decks secondary to these companies. They may offer deck services, but not as extensive as what we provide.

This goes differently for our team, which is fully dedicated to the decking business. Our deck builders have deep knowledge and extensive experience which are essential for doing certain kinds of projects. We guarantee to provide you not just only a beautiful deck but a deck that can withstand the test of time, and exceeds your expectations.

Leading Deck Company That You Can Depend On

If you are looking for a reputable composite deck builder, look no further. Lee’s Summit Deck is a premier deck company that can listen to your specific needs and works hard to exceptionally meet them. We are fully equipped clubbed with highly proficient deck professionals who guarantee that you achieve your dream decks professionally and promptly. 

Our company is dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction for our patron clients through our work. You can choose with our vast collection of designs that will ensure to elevate the beauty of your home. We only recruit deck builders who have deep knowledge in the decking trade and are seasoned in constructing eye-catching deck designs.

We offer the highest-quality workmanship that won’t compromise structural integrity. 

Different Decking Materials

With Lee’s Summit Deck, you can have peace of mind knowing that we only use top-quality materials:

Wood Decking

Wood is the most accessible, less expensive, and easiest material to outsource. However, wood tends to absorb moisture in damp areas, and if unattended may rot later. The climate can also extremely affect the wood as the water may seep into any hole or crack.

What makes it even worse is that when it freezes, it creates bigger spaces allowing more water to seep. This cycle makes an open invitation to tiny insects as well as organisms like moss and mildew to infest. If it continues to persist, the deck must be torn down.

Nowadays, pressure-treated wood changes this dilemma because the wood can last longer than other materials used in decking. Most deck designs that do not use wood decking will require at least to have e wood framing instead. Redwood and cedar decking are a bit pricier than the typical woods but their natural oils protect them against deterioration faster.

Composite Decking

The use of composite decking is quite gaining popularity to most homeowners. It is a method of using a mixture of recycled plastic and wood flour. Composite decks are two to five times pricier, however; it is already colored so it requires almost little to no maintenance.

You can utilize compact or extruded planks, which means that pressure through a dye creates platforms to make them lightweight but make them even stronger. You can install composites through screwing, nailing, and cutting similar to real wood.

Vinyl Decking

A vinyl decking is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and just like vinyl siding; it is an extrusion process. The finished product will also be similar to real wood. However, vinyl decking planks are mostly installed on a rail system which is way faster compared to nailing. 

Moreover, the planks can be ordered by lengths of up to 16 feet, meaning it requires fewer joints.

Proper Maintaining Your Decks To Make Them Lasts

Here are some of the most common deck maintenance that you need to do to enjoy safe and gorgeous-looking outdoor spaces that last:


Washing the deck is often done on a semi-annual or annual basis. Deck washing effectively eliminates any form of debris or dirt buildup from the deck panels.

Porous materials such as wood will likely absorb dirty water and other substances to filtrate out of the wood. Deck washing removes all of this, leaving a smooth, clean and stunning deck facade. 


This process changes the color of the wood deck through staining that absorbs into the outer layers of wood resulting in a majestic appeal. Staining should be done right after the deck has been washed and must only use top-of-the-line products to guarantee an even and long-lasting coverage.


Usually painting the deck is not done on the outer layer of the decks since it tends to flake and peel later on. The paint sits on top of the wood which produces a solid color, concealing any wood grain or other unsightly eyesores. The painting should be reapplied regularly and must only use top-grade painting products to ensure it lasts.


Stripping washes away stubborn paint, dirt, and debris. It often uses a mild chemical to strip off the sealer products applied on the deck. Stripping also effectively eliminates some of the liquids and natural colors found in the wood. If ignored, it will soon leave the material drier and faded.

Make The Most Of Your Time in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Lee’s Summit. Missouri is the home of majestic sceneries and world-class tourist attractions from parks, shopping malls, art galleries, and more. 

Enjoy A Breath-Taking Views At Lowenstein Park

This 8-hectare park located in proximity to Summit Wood Shopping Center provides lots of open spaces great for outdoor activities like picnics or just planning to take a nice break. The Lowenstein Park is regularly maintained and comes with a walking trail that goes up to a mile, a multipurpose field, three picnic shelters with picnic tables. It also comes with a fresh and clean drinking fountain, a small but lovely waterfall, a kids’ playground, and so much more. 

The park is also the home of the stunning Children’s Memorial Butterfly Garden, which can make your kids mesmerized by different colorful butterflies for a long time 

Come and visit Lowenstein Park if you are looking for a sweet and relaxing escape from the mundane city life.

Lowenstein Park Address: Located at 2050 NW Lowenstein Dr, Lee’s Summit, MO 64081, United States

Appreciate Oldies But Goodies at Henry’s Antiques-Collectibles

Henry’s Antique-Collectibles boast a vast collection of vintage glassware, jewelry, paintings, and other antique collectibles and other unique things that belong to the rich 20th, 30th and 40th eras. The décoration of the main floor has been designed impressively and the wide array of exhibits makes it worth a visit. The staff is always accommodating and always ready to help if you have any queries. 

You can find on the lowest floor is the Henry’s Tea Room, where you can go and treat your taste buds to delicious snacks, drinks, and best-tasting desserts. 

Henry’s Antiques-Collectibles Address: Located at 401 SE Douglas St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063, United States

A Food Feast At The Filling Station

The Filling Station truly satisfies not just only your tummy but fills your soul to the core. The place was originally operated as a gas station but was later restored into a best-selling barbecue restaurant. What you get are a flavorful barbecue, family-friendly ambiance, and outstanding service. 

The interior has been meticulously designed to preserve a nostalgic feel of the gas station days. You will see classic memorabilia and old signs belonging to that time. The menu is satisfying enough and truly offers a mouth-watering menu of desserts, beverages, and delicacies.

The Filling Station Address: Located at 333 SE Douglas St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063, United States

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