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Enjoy more outdoor living spaces by adding screened porch at home! Screen rooms are for those who enjoy outdoor spaces without dealing with bugs, insects, and other outdoor elements. 

Whether you love to have a new porch or add a screen over an existing deck, here we are ready to help you. At Lee’s Summit Deck, we are the most trusted screened porch builders. A superb screened porch design built with high-quality screens allowing everyone to have maximum visibility. We provide screened porch that resists sagging and usually lasts for many years.

What to consider before having a screened porch?

Are you planning on having a screened porch for an entertainment place at home? It would be best if you thought about how you will use it. The purpose of your screened porch is fundamental. Why? Only because it helps you decide what size you want it to be and the suitable materials for you to use. Also, to have the perfect design.

Here are the essential things to consider before having a screened porch.

The Function of Your Screened Porch

The first and foremost question that needs consideration is the function of your screened porch. You’ll have to know if your screened porch can be detached or attached, where it should be located, and the amenities to include. Usually, a screened porch is for an entertainment area like, for example, a place with a wide-screen TV, larger seating area, and may require a fireplace. Other screened porch can be an outdoor dining area for intimate dinners or a family room.

If you want a screened porch that serves as an extension for your home, you can always trust our dedicated contractors. We serve your needs, and whatever you want, we take care of it. We’ve been helping homeowners who lack indoor living space by installing screened porch for them.

How Large It Should Be

The size of your screened porch is really critical because it impacts how you use your porch. Figure out how many people will be using your porch.

For the best advice, better ask the professionals as they can help you build the exact size of your screened porch. They should have the perfect design for this, and they should be able to let you understand why it’s the picture-perfect size.

Screening System or Type of the Screen

Getting the correct type of screen is very important. If your main goal is to enjoy the view of your backyard, try asking your decking contractors for a kind of screen that is as invisible. There are also more substantial screens that can withstand some falling tree branches.

If you want some durable screens, we can offer you different types that accommodate your needs. We can give you the strongest screen that lasts for many years and with a warranty. We also have privacy screens.

Flooring Option

Choosing the suitable flooring material that is appealing to your eye is essential. Your screened porch offers protection from the elements like insects, so when it comes to flooring choices, you can have many options. If you want a more natural look, you can have it in wood style. Some people choose composite or tile. But it is better to select a floor type that offers beauty and long-lasting life with very little maintenance.

At Lee’s Summit Deck, we have suitable flooring options perfect for your screened porch. You can choose whatever you want to have. We make sure that it is high-standard materials that have quality.

The Screened Porch Design

The most important thing to consider above all is the design of your screened porch. You can actually have it customized. Or, allow your contractors to offer their design and choose what’s best for you.

What we offer are various designs. Also, we listen to our customer’s needs, so if they want their screened porch customized, we let them have it. We built it for you, so we make sure that it perfectly suits your taste.

Consultation to a Screened Porch Professional

One of the crucial things to do is to get a professional opinion about building a screened porch. This step helps you in getting your screened porch building properly and efficiently.

We have the best professional screened porch builders in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. If you need professional help with your project, get your free quote from us. We offer a top-rated screened porch building.

Benefits of Hiring Our Professionals

Here are many benefits to having our professionals in building your screened porch.

Perfectly Built Screened Porches

You and your family can enjoy all the advantages of having a screened porch at home. Our professional contractors make sure to provide quality craftsmanship in building your screened porch. You’ll have the most comfortable, elegant, and less maintenance screen porches. It has been proven that our services are second-to-none among professional deck builders alike.

Quality Work and Products

If you’re looking for quality work and products, look no further because we are here for you. We never settle for low-quality materials that only result in low-quality screen porches that won’t even last for long. We choose to give you the best quality materials and services as our screened porches are built to serve you for many years. Aside from that, you can have your screened porch customized and choose the color of your own. Nobody builds quality screen porches than us! So, have your beautiful handcrafted custom screen porches now.

The Most Reliable Experts

When talking about the most reliable experts, we are proud to say that we always give excellent workmanship. We’ve been handling screened porch buildings for over 15 years. Our professionals are all licensed and certified individuals. You can always trust our services and expect to have the most delicate screened porch built at home.

Screen Porch with Warranty

We are confident with our works, which is why we secure all our customers with a guaranteed warranty.

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