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Surely nothing beats the pleasure of relaxing outdoor space given by your very own deck. Yet, after years of exposure to harsh elements, including weather conditions, your deck can take severe damage. That’s why considering general deck repair services from your trusted contractor is very crucial. Deck repair and other maintenance services should be a part of your annual property maintenance routine. Taking care of your deck by preventive maintenance and timely attention to some problem areas, you can enjoy this entertaining addition to your home for many years.

What are the signs that it is time for deck repair?

Decks are just like your roof, floor, windows, and siding bear the brunt of extreme heat or cold weather. Deck repair is critical to ensure the safety and longevity of your deck. Simply knowing the signs or spot some common problems associated with your deck and taking action to resolve these issues quickly will help you a lot, preventing costly replacement of your deck. Whether doing deck repair yourself or hiring a professional, here are the common problems you should be able to spot.

Decaying or Rotting Deck

Areas that appear to remain wet could be rotted or decayed. Especially for wood decks, some areas might be splintered or ruined by bacteria and fungus. If a wood deck feels soft or spongy, that is the sign that it needs repair or replacement. If you discover that your deck is rotting, consider calling your professional deck repair contractors. Don’t just leave your rotted deck because it might cause some accidents.

Solution: As the best deck repair contractors, we suggest immediately repair broken boards or supports affected by rot or decay. It’s best to contact our pro contractors to get the job done safely. We help you restore your deck and extend its life.

Faded or Discolored Deck

Your deck is continuously exposed to weather, cold, snowy, rainy, or sunny. From being exposed to those elements, your deck will discolor or will lose its color over time. For example, as it ages, your wood deck accumulates damages, and the color is slowly fading. Even if you have the best deck design, the faded color of the boards makes your outdoor space look outdated.

Solution: If your deck is faded or discolored, we can help you restore the looks and the aesthetic value of your deck. We know it can be a DIY project for you, but what we can assure you is that you’ll have the best refinishing service to keep the color of your deck consistent for many years. Aside from that, you can actually save money and time by having our contractors.

Broken Deck Boards

Broken deck boards are a very common problem that you can easily spot. Because of the moisture and movement of people from time to time, your deck becomes weak, and you may see some cracks. Repairing broken deck boards must be done without delay to avoid more problems. A broken deck is dangerous for everyone who’s using the deck if left unrepaired.

Solution: If you see broken deck boards, contact us immediately and let us handle the repair. We offer the most affordable deck board repairs, and it is much cheaper than having a total replacement. We don’t recommend DIY maintenance. Let our professional contractors handle your repair project.

Corroded, Loose, or Missing Fasteners

Fasteners, including screws, anchors, and nails, are very important for the safety of your deck. If you spot a lot of screws corroded or nails sticking out, this could be a sign of a bigger problem. It’s also dangerous as it can lead to some dangerous accidents.

Solution: Corroded, loose, and missing fasteners are a big problem that weakens the structural integrity of your deck. If you spot this kind of damage, better contact us to have it repaired. We offer further investigation to evaluate what needs to be done for the repair. We have a preventive maintenance option to restore the structural integrity of your deck.

Mold, Moss, Mildew, etc.

If your deck is slippery and you feel like walking on an ice rink, that means your deck needs cleaning. Mold, moss, mildew, moisture, etc., can cause your deck to become slippery decking. It is a big problem and is also a cause for unfortunate accidents.

Solution: If your deck becomes slippery, you simply need a good cleaning. Start with hiring our professionals and have the most efficient deck cleaning services. We have the right tools for this kind of job, and you can have our services at a very affordable price. We suggest cleaning your deck every six months.

Termite Problems

Termites are the number 1 enemy of decks. These tiny insects can significantly damage your deck by creating small tubes in the wood where they make their homes. Wood decks are vulnerable to termites, and if not caught early, they can spread all over your house.

Solution: Simply call for a pest control pro. They can manage to get rid of termites. After that, you can have your deck repaired or replaced by our professional contractors.

Why Choose Lee’s Summit Deck for Deck Repair Services

There are a lot of deck repair contractors out there, but choosing the best one is stressful. We want to assure you that you’re getting the right services. Here are some reasons why choosing us is the best option.

We respond to your needs.

Our team members can handle specialized deck repair services including, wood decks repair, vinyl decks repair, composite decks repair, screened porch repair, swimming pool decks repair, etc.

We know the importance of urgency.

If you really need immediate repair, you can count on us. We coordinate with our clients and assists their needs as long as they need our services immediately. We are a one-call company, so trusting us with your urgent needs is the best thing to do.

We build relationships.

We’re not only helping people to restore and repair their decks, but we also establish a good customer relationship.

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