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“When it comes to first-class and trustworthy local deck company, the name to know is Lee’s Summit Deck. With quality craftsmanship, we are the most reliable and fast deck building service providers.

We have been earning the trust of the community and a flawless reputation since we start operating in the year 2005.

Our specialized services include Wood Decks services, Composite Decks services, Vinyl Decks services, Deck Repair services, Commercial Decks services, Swimming Pool Decks services, and Screened Porch services.

You can feel confident knowing that we genuinely care about delivering quality workmanship and the best results.”

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    Lee's Summit Deck Builder, Lees Summit Missouri Lee's Summit Deck Builder, Wood Decks
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    Our Services

    “Wooden decking is very popular because of its luxurious looks, at a very reasonable price.

    Wooden decking services from us allow you to have options for every budget, customization or design and color of your choice, natural beauty, and flexibility.

    When it comes to wood decks, we have extensive knowledge of their characteristics, maintenance requirements, longevity, aesthetic appeal, durability, and cost.

    At Lee’s Summit Deck, we’ve got the experience needed perfect for your wood deck projects!”

    “Today’s deck building companies and manufacturers offer a wide array of new synthetic, plastic, and composite decking materials.

    Composite decks have more advantages because of their material that makes them more durable, won’t dent, and extremely low maintenance.

    Suppose you’re planning on having composite decks, and you’re not sure about using this material.

    In that case, we can help you understand by giving you insights or an idea of the professional ambiance it brings to your home’s exterior. At Lee’s Summit Deck, we can assure you that you can have the best composite decking services.”

    “If you’re looking for a more flexible and low-cost type of deck, Vinyl decking is the perfect option.

    Vinyl decking is known for its quite strong characteristic, can be easily cleaned, and does not require daily cleaning.

    Vinyl decks also don’t crack or decompose easily. Don’t have a large and beautiful deck? At Lee’s Summit Deck, we have what you are looking for.

    Our vinyl deck installation can provide a large and beautiful deck that offers a more relaxed and comfortable feeling, perfect for entertaining your guests, families, and friends! Don’t waste your time, and connect with our team of experts today!

    We’ll be happy servicing you in all your vinyl decks requests!”

    “Decks, just like our roof, windows, and sidings, bear the brunt of extreme heat, snow, rain, and ice.

    So, deck repair and other maintenance services are required to ensure the longevity and safety of your home’s deck.

    Proper repair services provide solutions to the problems associated with your decks.

    It should be done quickly to help prevent premature failure and costly replacement. At Lee’s Summit Deck, we are the right professionals to accommodate your deck repair needs.

    We believe that we are the right contractors for you, so if you want to learn more about our deck repair services, contact us now!”

    “They are many commercial property owners who would like to install deck since they will be a great addition to their premises.

    You’ll see many commercial buildings and multi-housing facility owners who are investing this type of business in the market because they find it beneficial for them in a lot of ways.

    What’s great about commercial decks is that they can match the design and colors for every business branding, for example, a resort establishment that needs swimming pool decks.

    At Lee’s Summit Deck, we offer a wide selection of commercial deck services, including wood decking, composite decking, swimming pool decking, screened porch, and even deck repair services!

    To know more about our commercial decks, please contact us!”

    “Are you interested in having a swimming pool deck? Are you wondering how to go about it?

    Are you looking for deck building contractors that can provide unique swimming pool decks? Well, the first thing you should do is find professionals or experts who can give you advice on how to have this project done.

    At Lee’s Summit Deck, not only do we have the knowledge and years of experience in installing swimming pool decks, but we have connections and access to high-quality materials and services at the most affordable price! There are many types of materials that can be used for your swimming pool decks.

    If you want to know more, kindly call us now!”

    “Want to build a screened porch on your home to create added value, more fun outdoor moments, and own private get-a-way?

    You can always have your own special place to unwind.

    With a screened porch, you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee or high tea while reading your favorite novel in peace or dine out tonight in the comfort of an evening breeze.

    With a number of screen porch products available in the market today, you can find the best option.

    At Lee’s Summit Deck, we provide quality materials to fit almost any budget. We offer screened porch installation and other services.

    To learn much more about screen porch, please contact us immediately!”

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    “We are very happy as we choose this company. They are very professional and easy to work with. They kept us updated in all aspects of the project from start to finish. I highly recommend them!”
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    “Excellent and quality work. I’m happy with the result. I will hire them again definitely!
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    “I was very please working with this company. Their works were exceptionally good. They were very professional and I referred them to my colleagues. It was really a great experience!”
    Criss K.

    Our Mission

    To help everyone by providing high-quality deck and home improvement projects and to build strong customer relationships with families within the community.

    Our customer’s needs are our top 1 priority. We work with integrity, honesty, and efficiency.

    We have pride in what we do, and it is our job to promote high-standard and quality decking services.

    Lee's Summit Deck Builder, Lees Summit Missouri Lee's Summit Deck Builder, Wood Decks
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